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  ICAI 2021
International Conference on Advanced Imaging 2021
4 OCT(Mon.) - 8 OCT(Fri.), 2021
Makuhari Messe, Chiba, JAPAN

Hybrid Style Conference

ICAI 2021 will be held in Hybrid style (both in-person and online). If you have difficulty in visiting Chiba, Japan, you can give your presentation and join the conference online. Please be aware that it may all be online due to the spread of Covod-19.

  "Join World Innovators, for Shaping the Imaging Eco-System and Generating New Value "     
Printing has attracted human intellectual evolution since Gutenberg’s invention far before the industrial revolution. The printing technologies have been continuously expanding its fields with surrounding technologies not only to marking on medias but also to digital fabrication and imaging. Printing and imaging must be continuously developing since it is humans’ nature, “expression”. Now, the different printing/ imaging culture is found in each geographic area in the world. On the other hand, in other words, global-scale Imaging Eco-system is now ready for building. Therefore, it has important meanings that the conference is held in Asia in corporation with European and American imaging technologies and cultures. Last time, we had it in Yokohama in 1993. We will confirm again the technology and the culture developments across the geographic areas. Let us make new values in Chiba, Japan.

Conference overview

Join American, European, and Asian imaging innovators in Chiba, Japan, where the printing revolution from material interactions to 3D advancements and applications will be put on show. Recent progress in both mature and leading-edge printing technologies will be presented by experts from around the world, complemented by a short course program and many opportunities to network. The collocation of the Japan Federation of Imaging Societies’ ICAI 2021 with the IS&T’s Print4Fab 2021 provides a unique opportunity for practitioners in fields related to printing fields to explore a wide array of insight and knowledge. Come to the Makuhari Messe in Chiba and be part of the next wave of innovations!

IS&T’s Print4Fab is one of the most famous international conference on imaging and fabrication technologies which was called "NIP (the International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies)" and "DF (the International Conference on Digital Fabrication Technologies)" several years ago.

Exhibition Guide      (Applacation Deadline:Augst 27, 2021)
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Paper Upload Deadline : August 20, 2021
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Call for Papers  
Submission Deadline (Re-extended): 31st May, 2021
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Submission Deadline (Extended): 17th May, 2021
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Submission deadline has been changed.
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1st Call for Papers     
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