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[ISJ President]

      (30th President of the Imaging Society of Japan)

[ ISJ President’s Message ]
(From “Prefatory Note”, Journal of imaging Society of Japan, Vol.55, No.4. 2016)
  Since this April, I have assumed the president of the Imaging Society of Japan in succession to Professor HANNA, the former president. At the inauguration, I’d like to deliver my observation on the raison d’etre of the society, especially of the society for practical technologies. What would be happened if any academic society were not exist on the earth? Companies in the same field would enclose their own technical achievements. It follows such an inefficient situation for improving that any information would come and go except patent disclosure, which is called “a frog at the bottom of the well” or “scattered octopus pods”. *snip*Academic societies are widely expected as occasions to feedback achievements of progressive or long-term challenges and investigations which are difficult for industrial arena, and before that as occasions to find research issues for colleges and research institutions.
  The Imaging Society of Japan has fortunately realized such a raison d’etre with relatively good manner. I appreciate the technological exchanges concerning electrophotography and other imaging technology with industy-industy, industry-academic or academic-academic collaborations belonging to ISJ has given great contributions to international competitiveness of Japan by raising the level of technology as well as worldwide evolution of technology or progress in research. So, I am convinced that ISJ provides a valuable network for engineers and researchers in each field to motivate one another across the boundary of each organization. *snip*
  In 2018, ISJ will celebrate 60th anniversary. I suppose we shall develop and enjoy such a valuable community together by improving our sensitivity, capability and intellect.

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