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[About the Society (Outline)]
"General Incorporated Association, the Imaging Society of Japan" (ISJ) is an organization of engineers and researchers who strive for progress and growth of the imaging technology through exchange of information concerning basis and application of image.
The Imaging Society of Japan offers various opportunities for studying and exchanging information in the fields of the imaging science and the relevant technologies.
In 1958, the Society of Electrophotography of Japan, the predecessor of ISJ was founded. Since then, ISJ has contributed to the progress in fundamental studies on imaging science as well as practical technologies such as imaging materials/devices, printing processes and image processing concerning to the electrophotograpy and other hardcopying processes.
In 1988, the society was renamed the "Imaging Society of Japan" to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its founding and positively extended the research fields to cover the digital imaging field including electronic imaging.
In 2008, the society celebrated the 50th anniversary and published the "Digital printing technologies" in four volumes as a commemorative event.
In 2010, the society applied registration of incorporation and was reborn as the "General Incorporated Association, the Imaging Society of Japan".
At present, the number of members is approximately 1,000. ISJ continues to support future progress in imaging technology aiming to create fulfilling life scenes with imaging.

[Main Activities]
[Sponsoring the annual conferences and other events]
ISJ hosts the technical conference biannually in Tokyo in June and in Kansai area in November for providing opportunities to present the newest research results of members as well as to make network among speakers and audience.
ISJ also plans and hosts various technical events such as the "Symposium" featuring a certain subject, the "Lecture Course" for young researchers and engineers to learn the basic of imaging technology and the "Technical seminar" produced by each specific technical committee.
(Information for the annual conference and international symposium is available to refer in English.)
[Publishing the Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan]
ISJ publishes the "Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan" bimonthly featuring theoretical and experimental research reports concerning imaging materials, imaging devices, image processing, etc. in the imaging science and technology and the relating fields.
[Distributing test charts, standard developer and others]
ISJ distributes the accurate test charts researced from the professional point of view and the standard developer/carrier utilizing as common data for examination of measurment instruments, quality control of products and business transactions developed by ISJ's technical committee.

[Articles of the General Incorporated Association, the Imaging Society of Japan ] (in Japanes)   (Enacted on April 01, 2010)

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