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"General Incorporated Association, the Imaging Society of Japan" (ISJ) is an organization of engineers and researchers who strive for progress and growth of the imaging technology through exchange of information concerning basis and application of image.
The Imaging Society of Japan offers various opportunities for studying and exchanging information in the fields of the imaging science and the relevant technologies.
[2018.12.25] New !
ISJ KANTO Symposium 2018 Commemorating 60th Anniversary of the Imaging society of Japan
The Symposium was successfully held on Dec. 7.
Abstracts of the guest speakers is reported on website.

[2018.12.22] New !
Nomination for the ISJ's technical award is open (Deadline; end of January)
Apprication sheet is here.
[2018.12.21] New !
Research Grant in ICJ2018 was announced
ISJ Board determined two candidates as the >Research Grant in ICJ2018 on December 21.
Announcement is on the website.
[2018.12.17] New !
The 74th Imaging Cafe
(2019/1/25 Innovation Center Tamachi, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
[Medicine development and Inkjet technology for application]
Registration is open.
[2019.12.12] New !
Imaging Conference JAPAN 2019
The 123rd Annual Conference of ISJ
Concurrently held with ICAI 2019, the International Conference on Advanced Imaging(2019/7/2 - 4, Chiba University)
Enriched Imaging Culture by Co-Innovation
- Expansion to new technology area -

Abstract Submission is Open (Deadline: March 4).
The Copying Machine Heritage 2018 was released.
ISJ authrized four historical copiers as the [Copying Machine Heritage].[PRESS RELEASE]
Apprication for the second Copying Machine heritage is OPEN. Refer the [Special Page] (in Japanese) (Deadline: March 29).
ISJ KANTO Symposium 2018 Commemorating 60th Anniversary of the Imaging society of Japan
(2018/12/7, Tokyo)
[Observation of the Future Imaging Technology]
The event was closed. Thank you for all participants.('18/12/7)
Imaging Conference JAPAN 2018 Fall Meeting
(2018/11/15 - 11/17, Kyoto)
The 122nd Annual Conference of ISJ
The conference was closed. Thank you for all participants.
ISJ's Lecture Course in Fall
(2018/11/16, Kyoto)
[TUTORIAL 2018] - Solve Your Question Throughly -
The course was closed. Thank you for all participants.
The 139th Technical Seminar (4th in 2018)
(2018/10/30, Tokyo)
Electronic Paper & Flexible Device Technology Seminar
[The Latest Advances in Electronic Paper and Flexible devices]

The event was closed. Thank you for all participants.
[2018.06.26] New !
Joint Event of ISJ and the Vision Society of Japan(From 2018/07/19, Tokyo)
[Basic Cource on Vision and Image (total 4 days)』
The Capacity 60 was filled up. Registration is now closed.
ISJ's 60th Anniversary Logo is released.
ISJ selebrates 60th anniversary.
Memorial logo was designed.
Click the banner to the special page.
Inkjet Special Interest Group
Now recruiting new members.
[2015.02.10] ISJ's English homepage is updated.
Sorry for inconveniece that some links are still in Japanese. Please wait for the next update.
[2014.05.01] ISJ journal archiving service has completely uploaded the published papers on the J-STAGE site.
All the papers on the predecessor journal, "DENSHI SHASIN"(1959-1978) and "DENSHI SHASHIN GAKKAISHI"(1979-1998)are also available to refer.
[2013.02.10] "Guidance for manuscript submission" was reviced.
Template for the Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan, "NIHON GAZOU GAKKAISHI" was prepared. (Linked page is partially in Japanese.)
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Event Schedule (in Japanese)
[Imaging Cafe] (Monthly Event)
<2019.1.25 (Fri.)>
  The 74th Imaging Cafe
[Medicine development and Inkjet technology for application]

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Announcement from ISJ Office
-New ! [INKJET reviced edition] was published. (Publication Committee)
New ! Test Chart No.4 was sold out. (Reprint is not on schedule)
Report of the Annual Assembly (held on 2017.06.20)is released.
Prize winners' list in 2016 is open
The New ISJ President's Message was uploaded.
Imaging Terminology on Web was uploaded
[Test Chart No. 5: 2008 version] was released.
Webpage for [To be a Member][Membership Information Update] are open
Society logo [isj] and Templates are uploaded:
[Renewed logo and templates in commemoration of the 50th anniversaty]
ISJ's Copyright Policy [PDF].
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