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Since Aug. 1st, 1997
"General Incorporated Association, the Imaging Society of Japan" (ISJ) is an organization of engineers and researchers who strive for progress and growth of the imaging technology through exchange of information concerning basis and application of image.
The Imaging Society of Japan offers various opportunities for studying and exchanging information in the fields of the imaging science and the relevant technologies.
  New ! ISJ's Symposium 2016
"Innovations creating future for printing"
(2016/December/02, Tokyo)
Pre-Registration site is OPEN.('16.10.07)
Abstracts were uploaded.('16.10.15)
  New ! Imaging Conference JAPAN 2016 Fall Meeting
The ISJ's Technical Conference on Imaging Science
(2016/November/17-18, Kyoto)
Pre-Registration site is OPEN.('16.09.12)
The preliminary program was uploaded.('16.09.30)
  New ! ISJ's Lecture Courese in Fall
"Tutorial: Electrophotography"
(2016/November/17, Kyoto)
Pre-Registration site is OPEN.('16.09.12)
[2016.10.19] ISJ's membership guide was renewed.
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[2015.02.10] ISJ's new English homepage is open.
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[2014.05.01] ISJ journal archiving service has completely uploaded the published papers on the J-STAGE site.
All the papers on the predecessor journal, "DENSHI SHASIN"(1959-1978) and "DENSHI SHASHIN GAKKAISHI"(1979-1998)are also available to refer.
[2013.12.27] Glossary of imaging technology on web(public release version, 2013)was uploaded (in Japanese).

[2013.02.10] "Guidance for manuscript submission" was reviced.
Template for the Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan, "NIHON GAZOU GAKKAISHI" was prepared. (Linked page is partially in Japanese.)
[2011.04.08] "Guidance for membership" web page was renewed.
On-line apprication site in English is not ready. Please ask the ISJ office for more information.
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Upcoming Conference
2016.11.17-18 Tokyo
Imaging Conference JAPAN 2016 Fall Meeting
The 118th Annucal Conference of the Imaging Society of Japan is held in Kyoto.
"Imaging Cafe"(Monthly event)
Enjoy the technical talk and discussion with some refreshments.
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The New ISJ President's Message was uploaded.
"Test Chart No. 5: 2008 version" was released.
Web page for [To be a member] and [Membership Information Update (J)] was open (in Japanese).
[ISJ's logo and templates are uploaded] (in Japanese).
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