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How to participate Imaging Conference JAPAN 2013

a)   ICJ2013 provides pre-registration to avoid congestion around the registration desk on the conference day. Discount fee is applied if you make a registration on the web until Jun 2th (Sun.). (Conference only)
Speaker needs not the pre-registration for the conference because he (she) is already assigned to participate. The discount fee is applied for the speaker.
Every one can apply for the social hour on the day. (Jun. 12th(Wed.)) You can pay the fee at the entrance of The Lounge.
b) You can make a registration on the web.
ISJ member
Registration at the Conference Site
a)   Registration desk is placed at the entrance of the "Lounge" on the 3rd floor of the “Suzukake Hall”.
Please make your registration at the registration desk to enter. Wear your name tag on your jacket while you are inthe hall. Someone who doesn't wear the name tag is refused to enter the hall.
If you are a speaker, please visit the registration desk "For Speakers" and get information from the committee member in charge.
b) Please show a copy of the Pre-Registration confirmation mail at the registration desk if you have done your pre-registration.
Please indicate your (or your company's) ISJ member's ID card if you have not pre-registered. If you don't have anything to identify your membership, you are registered as a non-member.
Please indicate your Student ID Card if you are a student or a Student Member.
c) The registration fees are as below table. The conference registration includes: admission to all technical session, business session, a conference proceeding book, and its CD. Only payment by cash is available.

Conferenceuntil 6/2  /  after 6/3(same as current day)
  ISJ member/ Speaker (no tax)11,000yen / 12,000yen(ID required)
 Non-member (including tax)19,000yen / 20,000yen 
 Student (including tax)2,000yen / 2,000yen(Student ID required)
Workshop (including tax)
 ISJ member only1,000yenfor one workshop 
Registration only for the "Business Session" (including tax): no pre-registration.
 Member / Non-member3,000yen(including handouts)
Extra Proceeding book and CD (including tax)
 ISJ member/ Speaker7,000yen 
d) You can apply the ISJ membership at registration desk. Please contact a receptionist.
Social Hour
Social Hour is held on the first day evening for making communication with authors and for networking. Please don't hesitate to join us.
[Date]:June 12(Wed.) 17:35 - 19:15
[Venue]:The Lounge (3rd floor of "Suzukake Hall")
[Registration]:At the entrance of the room on the day.
[Fee]:2,000 yen
Questionnaire survey
Please fill out the questionnaire and put it in the questionnaire box before you return home. Any comments you may have are also welcome. The results will be helpful for the next ISJ's annual conference.
ICJ 2013 (Registration)]  >>  for Overseas Participants